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Correspondence with local Tax Authorities

Local experts who speak the right language

When dealing with local tax authorities you must speak or correspond in the language of that country. amavat® with our selected partner Member Firms in every EU country has the right contact points for speedy conclusions.

Based on our years of experience and our dedicated teams for sales tax issues and issues related to customs and excise duties, amavat® are able to assist you in all matters that may arise in the countries involved (e.g. advice on transaction flows, requirements for the accounting, audit support, etc.)

Our teams consist of qualified tax consultants. Local legislation can change at any point, and it might seem like it is getting more complex, with tax governance a rising priority. Our ultimate goal is to provide the right assistance with the local tax authorities, thus giving you the right VAT Compliance. The amavat® teams of advisors strive to help you as our client, in matters of tax compliance and other advisory requirements. amavat® helps you meet your binding tax regulations and plan opportunities for your business model, allowing you to benefit from our technical knowledge and understanding of tax issues.

The tax consulting services of amavat® include the following items:

  • Representation at the tax authorities;
  • Preparation of tax assessments, procedures and applications;
  • Support during tax disputes and tax investigations;
  • Representation in judicial tax proceedings;
  • Cross-border sales consulting; and
  • VAT audits and negotiations with the tax authorities.

Justification of Punishment

If a company makes mistakes in complying with tax regulations or reporting, or have committed errors in the past, tax authorities can impose penalties and impose interest.

These penalties may include a certain percentage of the error, or a fixed amount, with significant penalties possibly being several thousand EURO’s. Some penalties are automatically generated by the reporting system used by the relevant tax authority when a declaration or payment is made too late. In other cases, penalties are imposed by a tax inspector who has reviewed your case.

amavat® can correspond with local tax authorities in all EU countries to obtain the correct justification if a client has made an error in their VAT returns or have not registered for VAT in time.

amavat® additional services:

Offer course we will take care of routine questions to/from the tax authorities (1 hour/month) with our SELECT package for example, but we also can offer you general ‘Tax Advice’.

We can also offer retrospective / corrections for previous periods.

Filing of company data changes to the local tax authorities.

Optional Services Available on Request