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Our Service Package ‘CEE’ for Online Sellers in the EU

Our ‘CEE’ Package for Poland and Czech Republic:

For Online Sellers registered in the EU, i.e. in Germany, and who are obligated to submit VAT returns to the tax authorities in Poland and/or Czech Republic. If you are not yet registered in Poland and/or the Czech Republic, we can also help you with this by using our registration service for these countries.

‘CEE’ - EU VAT Compliance

EUR 265
  • Above is your MONTHLY payable
  • Package price for these two countries

‘CEE’ - EU VAT Compliance

EUR 250
  • Advance one-off payment of EUR 3000
  • (EUR 250 x 12 months package price
    – you save over the year EUR 180)

All Prices exclude VAT.

The following services are invoiced according to expenses in each plan:

The following services are charged in the ‘CEE’ Plan according to the effective expenses: Hourly Rate: Remark:
Immediate communications with local tax authorities via our experienced tax consultants EUR 150,– / hour If necessary in the case of tax audits or necessary correspondence for late payments / tax penalties, etc.

All Prices exclude VAT.

What services are included?

All our service packages include all the services required to comply with legal requirements in the respective countries. However, the service packages also contain many included services which we consider to be a matter of course for a professional service. Please find our included services in our service overview:

Scope of our services