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24/7 Customer Portal

Your business information at your fingertips

Welcome to the amavat® Customer Portal.

We understand that information, and accurate information is key! Let us provide you with the necessary dashboards and reports to keep you fully informed.

amavat® constantly invest time striving to improve efficiency through automation for our clients, so that it is scalable and a proficient service. Our IT team has developed a solution that offers this automated approach to managing tax determination, calculation and compliance around Europe.

When we create an automated product we ensure it can be integrated and designed to work together – providing a wholesome experience. Our Customer Portal can be assessed by multiple users and across multiple devices – improving performance and productivity. This linked to our VAT compliance experts, we are available when you need us.

Successful Log-In

Here our client will see the list of amavat® businesses we are servicing – here you can have more than one, if they have more than one entity.

Thanks to our IT experts they have created a simple to use Customer Portal.

Customer Details

On this page we give you a full and complete overview of your data i.e. business address, but you will also see a list of countries for fulfilment i.e. where you are selling your goods/products.

Useful feature is that you will see when you have to report to these countries, be it monthly/quarterly.

Transaction Analysis

Having your ‘Sales and Refund analysis’ on one screen giving you an excellent dashboard showing you the following important information, so that your fully up-to-date.

  • ‘Date of FROM and TO’
  • ‘Country of Destination’
  • ‘Total Transaction by Destination Country’
  • ‘Total Transaction by Month’
  • ‘Top 10 Products by Total Transaction’
  • ‘Top 10 Countries of Dest. by Total Transaction’
  • ‘Total Transaction by Product / Country of Dest’

Fulfilment Details

An overview of your VAT Compliance, while also providing the following information:

  • ‘Submitted VAT Compliance’
  • ‘Custom VAT Compliance’
  • ‘Fulfilment Documents’

You can see if your VAT is submitted monthly or quarterly, or what is the current stage of your VAT Registration process.

VAT Payment Details

Here you will see how much you have to pay to the Tax Authority (you can also find attachments, if uploaded and can even generate PDF statement).

Logging in for test access

The log-in data below should be entered in the entry screen. Special attention should be paid to the use of ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ case letter.

For all language users:

Username: test@amavat-europe.com
Password: Amavat2018!